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Office Cleaners for the Most elegant and Refined Suburb – South Melbourne

Health and wellbeing is the most important aspect for a company striving for success. At Whistle Clean Australia, our mission is to improve your employee’s wellbeing and business productivity by providing a healthy workplace. We want you to feel pleasant each time you walk into your office, work in a hygiene, neat and tidy work place.

Whistle Clean Australia offer our tailored cleaning services to South Melbourne, Port Melbourne, Cremorne, Richmond, and Collingwood. We choose to focus on areas that are clustered together so our team are able to respond quickly to our customers when we are needed.

We have cleaning practices and procedures that design to clean and sanitize your work place to reduce germs spreading and cross contamination. If you think about it, we are in the health industry that looks after your team’s welfare. Being clean is the basic foundation; at Whistle Clean Australia we sanitize “touch point surfaces” which are the areas we touch in our everyday activities.

One of our practices is we colour code all rags, red for toilets, yellow for the kitchen, green for desks and blue for glass and shiny surfaces. This way we able to eliminate cross contamination around your office. We have policies to manage our equipment and rags to ensure your work place is not only clean, but is sanitised!

We are here to provide a healthy work environment for your team so everyone is able to concentrate on their profession and achieve more at work.
office cleaners south melbourne

Our working attitude to commercial cleaning is the key for success

Having the right people to do the right job is so important. All personnel in our company are hand pick carefully and have to share our company’s values of honesty, trustworthiness and taking pride in our work. We are very proud of our team, fortunately we able to have longevity and very low staff turnover, which means you are going to have the same person visit your office everyday who understands your needs and delivers consistent work.

We understand every commercial premise requires different cleaning needs, and, as a result, we customise our service to suits your needs accordingly. Our team is well trained and supported by a professional management team who look after quality assurance. With low turnover of staff members, we understand your expectations and are able to maintain the highest hygiene conditions at all times.

Our goal is to minimise germs and prevent bacteria from spreading; by using eucalyptus oil we are able to kill 99% of germs without triggering asthma and other allergies like synthetics chemicals will. At Whistle Clean Australia, we aren’t afraid to go the extra mile to cater to your workplace’s individual needs. We pride ourselves on our high standard of customer service. It’s our commitment to the client that puts us above and beyond the rest.

We constantly review our cleaning products and explore the best options that meet our objective, that is being environmental friendly and causing no harm to human beings. That’s why we use only eucalyptus oil-based products, rather than synthetic chemical ones. This practice prevents allergy and asthma triggers, whilst being incredibly effective at sanitising. It’s this attention to detail that shows we really care about the job we do.

Consistency and focus is the key for our commercial success in South Melbourne

With the support of our client base, we have the privilege of servicing a broad range of premises from commercial offices, medical clinics, education sectors, showrooms and warehouses. Whistle Clean Australia apply quality management through ongoing inspections so we able to monitor our team’s performance and evaluate them. We value any feedback so we can strive to further improve our standard.

We also have protection for clients and team members: Our business is covered by Work Cover and Public Liability to the value of $10 million, just to prepare if things don’t quite go according to plan.

If you require cleaning services for your premises, look no further than Whistle Clean Australia. Our friendly team are here to help you, and if you’re after further information about the specifics of our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch on 041 088 9228 and we can provide our expertise. For diligent cleaners with a unique touch, call us and arrange a thorough and professional clean today!