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Commercial Offices

Making the right first impression is important – especially when you have clients and stakeholders visiting your office. Making your workplace a more convenient place also leads to a more productive team. You can focus on what you do best because you’re not wasting time worrying about cleaning.

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Education Institutions

With the high volume of foot traffic your facility receives, it’s important to maintain hygiene and tidiness at top levels. Creating a healthy learning environment is the core of your success.

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Medical Clinics and Practices

To stop germs from spreading, all your ‘touch-sensitive surfaces’ need to be thoroughly disinfected. We bring the best Practices, Products and Personnel to address the areas that need the most attention. We believe cleaning is an important part of the health industry.

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Our goal is to provide you with a healthy work environment

After having serviced the cleaning industry for so many years, we realised that there are common challenges faced by businesses today. One of the most common is they have been underserviced. They receive the bare minimum of cleaning services - and that can go wrong very easily.


It can be frustrating when things don’t get done right. When faced with cleaning challenges, it is often the company decision maker who receives complaints from colleagues, as well as pressure from management. It is usually only a matter of time before an emotional threshold is reached – and that’s when they start looking for a cleaning service.

Our Approach

At Whistle Clean Australia, our goal is to provide you with a healthy work environment. We want to empower your workplace with productivity, wellbeing and presentation.

Improve productivity

We take cleaning related activities on board with us. This way, we help you save time, so you can focus on doing what you do best

Improve Wellbeing

The objective is to eliminate germs and bacteria. Part of our cleaning strategy is to use colour coded rags to reduce cross contamination. Plus, more than 80% of our cleaning products are made from eucalyptus oil. This plant-based, natural disinfectant won’t trigger asthma or allergies.

Improve Presentation

When we visit your workplace, we are there not only to clean: our team will set up your workplace so it’s ready for tomorrow.

Cleaning Benefits Your Business

People often underestimate the impact cleaning has their business’ performance. Multiple studies show that companies with poor cleaning practices face the following challenges:

We believe that if businesses take action to overcome these challenges, their workplace productivity will increase drastically.


of wasted company time is spent on cleaning activities


Poor workplace hygiene causes a 39% drop in customer satisfaction


of work-related injuries are from falls, trips and slips


For over 70% of employees,workplace hygiene is important to job satisfaction.

2.2 Days

Employees lose 2.2 days a year just queuing up for the cleanest toilet cubicle

2 Days

An average of 2 sick days per year are caused by poor workplace hygiene.


of employees see a dirty workplace as a sign that their employers “don’t care about them.”

Research & Study on how Cleaning impact on Business performance


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Jillian Hood

The team at Whistle Clean are incredible! We have been using their services for approximately a year and they have consistently provided excellent service. They are always accommodating of extra requests and are a delight to deal with. Mercer School of Interior Design

Customer Image
Catherine Tudor Jones

Whistle Clean Australia have been our cleaning company for the past two years. Ivan is very diligent and a great point of contact. We find that the cleaning is consistently of a high standard and I would recommend to other businesses.

Our Service Area

Janet Schloeffel
Janet Schloeffel
05:18 24 Jul 18
I have been using Whistle Clean Australia for a number of years now and recommend them to my business clients. They are professional and reliable and it is wonderful being able to liaise with Ivan and know that everything is being looked after. I couldn't recommend them highly enough. Well done Ivan.
23:47 31 Jul 18
Excellent service. Cleaning for our warehouse is done every week. The team get in during business hours and get the job done. Great add on services as well.
Kathleen Otto
Kathleen Otto
03:49 16 Mar 18
We have been using Whistle clean for approximately two months. We have found them to be quite consistent, considerate, competent and very thorough in their work. They are the best cleaners we have used to date. I would recommend them without hesitation.
Loz L
Loz L
00:42 19 Jan 18
We used Whistle Clean over the Christmas break to cover our in-house cleaner in our office. They were so helpful and so fantastic. They came in to meet with our cleaner and went through everything step by step - even in Greek, our cleaner's native language! The transition was seamless and we look forward to using Whistle Cleaning again soon
Madeline Howell
Madeline Howell
22:08 18 Dec 17
We use Whistle Clean at our office, and are always happy with their product. Working with Whistle Clean allows for a tidy office as well as pleasant and enjoyable service . Whistle Clean is great at maintaining an open communication channel, and are all well mannered and cleanly staff. Would greatly recommend the use of Whistle Clean, and hope to work with them for years to come!
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