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Disrupting the cleaning industry with quality, efficiency and value

At our core, we believe that clean, hygienic and safe premises can propel businesses and bring teams together. For the benefit of all inhabitants. Teams, visitors or clients, the spaces in which we live impact our physical and mental health. We regularly conduct research and workplace audits to truly gauge the impact cleaning can have.

Why we started

Being engrossed in an industry for so many years, we witnessed companies encountering similar challenges. Primarily, being under-serviced with the bare minimum of cleaning by providers. Such as:

  • Decline in attentiveness.
  • Diminishing care.
  • Frustrated teams.
  • No consideration for occupant well-being.

Eventually the emotional threshold is reached and confidence in cleaning company’s is lost. We decided this shouldn’t be tolerated.

Whistle Clean was born to tackle these persistent industry problems.

Start fresh.

Harness our 15 years experience of excellent service.

Our primary goal is to support your business, but most importantly, to facilitate your vision and elevate your team. With immaculate workspaces, people are happy and able to thrive.

• Health conscious with Eucalyptus oil based products.
Organic, non-toxic and fresh.

• More than cleaning. Our team will set up your workplace so it’s ready for tomorrow.

• Cost efficient. Easily customise your cleaning services at any time.

• Just plain awesome. Friendly, attentive and considerate cleaning experts!

No-obligation consultation

At no charge, we'll inspect your workplace and strategise a solution to suit your premises and teams. Ensuring the healthiest and most cost efficient cleaning possible.

Sustainable and Hypoallergenic

All our products are produced sustainably, naturally and ensure no allergic reactions. Utilising eucalyptus oils and non-toxic chemicals, our commitment to the environment ensures your environment is healthy.

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