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Often when we hear from people like yourself, who are looking for an office cleaning provider for your workplace, we are informed of previous annoyances with poor cleaning and poor procedures. Frustrated with inconsistent cleaning standards, alarmed by dirty toilets and valid concerns of cross contamination and the fear their cleaners are spreading potential viruses around the workplace.

We understand that in order to look after the well-being of your staff and keep them feeling safe and comfortable at work, a clean office is crucial. As well as often being the face of the business, your clients will have a better perception of your standards and have more trust in your operations. 

Whistle Clean Advantages

Environment friendly
Easy on allergies, easy on the planet. Using only premium, organic, non toxic plant based products.
No lock-in contract
We believe relationships should be built on foundations of trust and confidence, that's why we offer 30 days cancellation notice.
Random inspections
You will enjoy consistent high performance and improvement through strict quality assurance regiments.
Psychometric testing
Our team has undertaken assessments which cover skills to personality testing. Ensuring a keen eye for detail which is consistent by nature, not by force.
Strategic cleaning
Engineered cleaning procedures, designed to minimize germs from spreading and eliminate cross contamination.

Improve Workplace Hygiene

Benefits of a Clean Office

Improve Workplace Productivity
Leave the cleaning to us! Studies show that 30% of wasted company time is spent on cleaning the workplace. We save your time by emptying your dishwasher, managing your toilet consumables or even cleaning your office tea towels. That way, you can focus on what you do best.
Eliminate Germs and Bacteria
80% of the products we use are made of Eucalyptus oil. This natural disinfectant kills up to 99.9% of common household germs. These include E. coli, Staphylococcus and Salmonella. This allows us to eliminate germs and bacteria from all the surfaces we clean.

Enhance Workplace Presentation
First impressions are important. Your clients and stakeholders expect you to maintain a presentable work environment. Plus, cleanliness helps encourage your team’s mood and morale – it just feels nice!

What do others say?

Our clients are our advocates, because we don’t compromise and always deliver
Whistle Clean Australia have been our cleaning company for the past two years. Ivan is very diligent and a great point of contact. We find that the cleaning is consistently of a high standard and I would recommend to other businesses.
C. Tudor-Jones
Cambridge University Press
The team at Whistle Clean are incredible! We have been using their services for approximately a year and they have consistently provided excellent service. They are always accommodating of extra requests and are a delight to deal with.
J. Hood
Mercer School of Design
Whistle clean is probably the most professional company we dealt with, not only with their approach to the work they do but in the manner in which they deal with their business. Whistle clean really pay attention to detail and that’s obvious to us.
L. Hogan


Whistle Clean is a premium cleaning service provider. We will assess your needs through an initial 40 minute meeting and devise an operational plan that fits within your allocated budget.

From the beginning our standards are high, with our personality screening during hiring we can get the right cleaner with the right personality for the job- consistent & detail oriented by nature. We also run random inspections to monitor our performance so you have the peace of mind.

We only use natural products for cleaning. Up to 85% of our cleaning products are eucalyptus oil. The remaining 15% is alcohol and an enzyme which is a natural solution. We also use biodegradable bags for all bin liners.

There is no lock in contract to work with us. We build our relationships based on trust and confidence. We simply require 30 days notice if you wish to cease using our service.

As a general rule of thumb, to maintain hygiene and balance cost, we calculate per every 7 people = 1 cleaning day per week

Please see our below guideline for this: 
< 7 people = 1 day cleaning per week 
14 people = 2 days cleaning per week 
21 people = 3 days cleaning per week 
28 people = 4 days cleaning per week 
> 35 people = 5 days cleaning per week. 

Here is an interesting video that shows how germs can spread in an office of just 5 people without even touching each other. 



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